Environmentally-Friendly Corporate Gift Ideas

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The environment is a critical aspect of human existence. Overpopulation and depletion of natural resources have led to increased levels of pollution and climate change. Many countries are experiencing desertification due to overuse of trees. The planet is also experiencing radical changes due to depletion of these resources. This has resulted in food shortage and increased levels of toxic gases in the environment.

Shopping bags
Who doesn’t go shopping? What do you use while going shopping? Plastic bags right? Plastic is one of the biggest products that leave the environment chocking. Littered plastic bags will block sewer lines, drainage systems and even find their way to your food. You can gift your customers and staff with a reusable shopping bag that they can always use when shopping. That way, you will be reducing the number of wastes products in the environment. Personalised gifts in singapore shops will help you design the bags in your company’s themes and logo. Whenever they step out to shop, they will help to advertise your products and services.

Water bottles
Taking adequate water helps maintain a healthy system. You will also help your system to flush out accumulated toxins from the body. In short, the benefits of taking water cannot be overemphasised, and your nutritionist must have told you that. Therefore, if you gift your staff eco-friendly water bottles, they will appreciate the fact that you care about their wellbeing. You can use BPA free water bottles from corporate gifts wholesale shops in singapore and have them branded. You can extend the same gesture to your customers.

Reusable coffee mugs
Coffee is an excellent stimulant and people always like catching up over a cup of coffee especially in the evening. However, coffee cups can form part of the environmental pollutants especially the take way ones. People throw them away after raking their beverage making it challenging to maintain a clean environment. A reusable coffee mug is an excellent corporate gift. When buying, go for high-quality ones. They will serve the recipient for an extended period. A customised corporate gifts store in Singapore will give you various types of coffee mugs that you can use.

People celebrate occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and even graduations. These are great events of bringing family and friends together. Since there are more internet users, an electronic card is an excellent gift for that colleague or client. When capturing their data into your CRM system, take note of their birthdays.

Send them an E birthday card on their birthday with a personalized message. You can contract a personalised gifts dealer in Singapore to send such cards to your customers and staff every time they are commemorating an event.

Solar powered gadgets
You depend on electricity to power most of the devices in the office such as desktops, laptops, iPads and even mobile phones. All these electronics consume a lot of energy, and unfortunately, you depend on them to run your business. The same case applies to your customers and staff. You can gift them solar powered gadgets to reduce the cost of electricity. The devices will tap into the solar energy hence conserving the environment. Unique corporate gifts Singapore stores have these types of gifts in plenty. Visit them and purchase suitable gifts for your recipients.

Corporate gifting is a tradition that is not going away any time. In fact, more trendy styles of corporate gifting are evolving making it a preferred way of advertising by companies. When you think of gifting your employees and clients, think green, and you will help the planet to be a better place.