Elegant Gift Ideas For Your Business Partners

corporate gifts suppliers singaporeWhen you think of gifting a business partner, you need to think about their taste and preferences. If you do not know the person quite well, you will have a difficult task selecting an appropriate gift for them. However, the kind of gift you opt for should be a selfless surprising gift that your partner will find difficult to ignore. Do not gift with any strings attached. After all, you intend to appreciate someone for their great support or presence in your life.

Avoid the common list of gifts such as a bottle of wine, flowers or chocolates. Though these may look appropriate to you, they may not appeal to the recipient. You are not even sure whether they consume wine. They could be watching weight so chocolate may not make the cut. Flowers, though trendy and elegant, may not be so appealing to your business partners. You may consider reserving those for an intimate friend or even spouse. So what beautiful gifts can you send your business partners? Here is your guide.

Health Packages
Enjoying good health is one of the most treasures you can ask for in life. The kind of lifestyle you lead will determine how healthy or otherwise you are. Extend a health package to your business partners, and you will linger in their minds for days to come. Some of the health packages you can try out are supplements from reputable companies, a detox program or a healthy drink such as fresh juices. They will be glad that you care about their health.

Business Journal
Entrepreneurs always wish to stay abreast of what is happening around them. Business journals from authority sources will be an elegant gift for your partners. You can select one within their industry or one that will address the general concerns of a businessperson.

A Company Car
You can gift your business partner a company car. They will use the car to run errands for the company especially if they are involved in travelling and delivering goods. If you are not sure which type of vehicle to choose for them, you can pay a car dealer and give them the voucher. They can visit the dealer at their convenient time and select their preferred brand and model. Customized corporate gifts singapore service providers can package the coupon on your behalf and deliver.

Shopping Vouchers
Shopping vouchers are not only trendy but also flexible. They will eliminate the hassle of trying to figure out the right gift for your business partner. Once you have decided on the value of the voucher, select a convenient store where they can redeem it. Choose a store within their country or city and one with adequate branches. They can redeem the voucher once they have the time.

Travel Document Holder
Entrepreneurs are always on the move. If they are not travelling to close a business deal, they are closed in boardrooms drafting strategies for the company. In that case, a branded document holder will serve your business partners well. They will use it to carry proposals, business contracts and even their personal documents. Ask your corporate gifts suppliers singapore to brand it in your company’s themes and deliver to your partners.

Decorative Tableware
A porcelain decorative plate bowl on a CEO’s desk will shout elegance. Dare to be different by sending this beautiful piece of art to your business partner. The bowl can be used for aesthetic purposes and will enhance the appearance of the office. It can be placed on their desk as a focal point and will stand out in the office. All those people coming to your partner’s office will notice the bowl.

Corporate gifting is a culture that is here to stay. Your business partner receives gifts from his other associates. Yours can end up in the dustbin or fail to appeal to them. Therefore, before buying a gift, think about their taste and what resonates with them. The ideas above will guide you in deciding the best one for your partners.