Corporate Functions Great for Corporate Gifting

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Corporate gifts are quite popular as an effective way to convey appreciation for our clients, employees and business partners. The human nature is inclined to respond positively to actions that underline good behaviour and merit. Thus, gift giving is a practice as old as the human race itself. This tradition is also carried out throughout all spheres of our lives and corporate culture is no exception.

Since businesses are built on creating strong ties, the main idea behind corporate gifting is to show your customers, employees or partners their importance to your business operations. The gifts keep them motivated and unconsciously persuade them to remain connected to you.

While the industry may be flooded with competitors that sell the same product as your company, corporate gifts will provide incentive for them to stick with you. Remember, what matters is not the price of the gift, but rather the thought behind it as well as the usefulness of the gift. Therefore, this necessitates choosing the right corporate gift for maximum effect.

So what are some of the corporate events suitable for corporate gifting?

Conferences and workshops

Conferences are different in size and duration and are usually organised to reach a specific audience to provide them with advice and relevant information. Each speaker will deliver their professional opinions and experiences on a variety of topics. The objective is for the delegates to acquire knowledge from the speakers and leave the event better educated and informed in their respective fields. Workshops are also essentially educational, only that they are more hands-on.

To help get the most out of your conference and workshop event and keep your brand on the minds of delegates, consider conference gifts such as branded bags, branded writing pads, branded pens, pencils and lanyards. While these gifts are actually helpful on the day of the conference, they also promote the brand long after the delegates return home. For instance, when the branded pen is used again and again by the recipient, it has a subconscious advertising message that will stick in their minds for longer.


Trade shows, also known as trade fairs or expositions, bring together members of a specific industry to showcase, demonstrate, and discuss their new products and services. Trade shows typically provide:

  • Display spaces
  • Workshops or presentations
  • Media interactions
  • Award presentations

Exhibitors take part in hopes of attracting potential new clients, strengthening ties with dealers and distributors and making connections with official and social media channels. Generally, exhibitors at trade shows give out several gifts to entice and encourage attendees to come into their exhibition space. An effective trade show giveaway item communicates the company’s brand, messaging and capacity to attendees. Items that will be used frequently, such as USB phone chargers, water bottles, laptop bags, Smartphone wallets, product samples, and T-shirts are usually sourced from corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore.

End of year business party

At the end of each year, businesses always look to organise an end-of-year party for its staff and clients. Apart from celebrating the end of the year and the upcoming holidays, this event is also used to reward employees from different departments for their effort across the year. If you want to boost employee engagement, corporate gifting at the year-end party is ideal. For example, you can order customised blank certificates, which you can transform into employee recognition plaques to award outstanding employees. End of year parties are also fantastic occasions for customised corporate gifts as you will be spending time with employees of every level.

Nowadays, Companies are thinking outside the box and devising more meaningful and creative ways to appreciate the hard work of their employees. For example, a group holiday allows for some extended team bonding. A shopping voucher or a movie ticket is also another creative gift idea for employees.


The abovementioned corporate events are ideal for awarding your clients, partners or employees and cultivating strong ties with them, using corporate gifts to express your gratitude and appreciativeness of their effort.